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ANSYS EMA3D Cable 2020 R2 x64

Sales Page : https://www.ansys.com/products/electronics/ansys-ema3d-cable

EMA3D Cable is the specialized software for modeling electromagnetic cables and viewing it on a dedicated platform. The program has the ability to workflow from design to validation of cables. This process involves the interactions of electromagnetic (EMI) and supports the calculation, pussies, electromagnetic (EMC) and evaluation system design for designs harness cables for aerospace applications, etc., automobiles, military, oil, and natural gas, as well as parts of Electrical and magnetic fields associated with the consumer can be. With the help of this program, in the initial steps of cable harness design, cable performance can be predicted in EMC approval tests.

The software has the ability to solve the most complex issues associated with CAD geometry by forming an efficient mesh-based network. Using its modeler interface, EMA3D allows engineers to quickly solve complex and real models in a fraction of the time. It also allows accurate simulation of lightning collisions, strong magnetic fields (HIRF), electromagnetic pulses (EMP), magnetic radiation and various other EMC applications.

Features and features of EMA3D Cable

Modeling of electromagnetic cables Simulation of electromagnetic calculations Evaluation of electromagnetic environmental effects Cable verification tests

System requirements

Windows ® 8.1, 10

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