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AVEVA Bocad Suite

Sales Page : https://www.aveva.com/en/products/e3d-structural-design/

AVEVA Bocad is a powerful and advanced software for the design, modeling and analysis of complex structures in the oil, gas, petrochemical and manufacturing plants. This application is one of the top engineering products in its class, and specialists and professionals in the small and large industries are efficiently using it to design, model and analyze the structures required. The design in this software is three-dimensional and realistic and gives the experts flexibility in analyzing.

Applying changes to the modeling unit automatically changes the results of the analysis, which in turn will have a direct impact on the reports produced. In the reporting section, the program provides you with detailed and accurate information needed for discussion and decision making on structures that you can print on paper in a suitable format. By providing the right environment for teamwork, trust-based and high-precision teamwork, these design and analysis projects are completed on a timely basis and on a projected budget and without further delay in details, there is more opportunity for decision Get strategic insights on your business. This software is currently used by many industries from architecture to mining, drilling, marine, distribution and transportation.

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