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AVEVA Engineering 14.1 SP1

Sales Page : https://www.aveva.com/en/products/engineering/

AVEVA Engineering helps multidisciplinary (or so-called multi-discipline) engineering teams work together more effectively and systematically work on system details to evolve. As the project progresses, engineers from the various technical branches make up a database of engineering information such as product lines, equipment and values ​​as key features of the system. All of these data objects are stored and managed in a data model. The information collected is used for the schematic design or 3D design of the system in question.

This software helps engineers communicate more efficiently from the early stages of data collection, organization to data exploitation, and providing technical suggestions and complete reports on the system evolution process. This avoids many of the extra costs that come from having to rework processes. This software is well customizable and customizable. Anyone, depending on their field of expertise, can use parts of the software and customize different parts to suit the tasks ahead. In this case, all disciplines will be individually developed and controlled. All data will be submitted to various forms of engineering reports, design, system life cycle management, etc. after the design operation is completed. It is noteworthy that minor improvements are shown separately or in general in the program.

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