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AVEVA Review

AVEVA Review was created by Schlumberger, one of the pioneers in the technology and design industry to help manage the oil and gas industry globally and provide the right solutions. This software is a good tool for creating 3D visual images and interacting with the factory and can create realistic 3D models, as well as customize 3D display and customize All workflows are usable. The review is specifically tailored to the industry\’s needs and needs to meet its needs from the smallest models to the largest.

By providing easy access to the model, the program allows the user to easily and freely search his model and obtain the necessary information such as equipment and so on. With the addition of AVEVA ReviewShare features, this program is complete in itself and can be used to create a variety of shared models, no matter what size your model is and where in the world you want it to run. Be. About 115,000 of the company\’s products are used for industry development.

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