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ETAP 19.0.1 X64

ETAP 19.0.1 X64
Energy Management Solutions to Design, Operate, and Automate Power Systems

ETAP offers a suite of comprehensive electronic engineering software solutions that include load current, short circuit, transient impedance, amplifier synchronization, cable power, optimal power flow, and more. Its modular power can be customized to meet the needs of any company from small to large power systems.

The real-time ETAP feature is an integrated suite of software applications that provides intelligent power monitoring, power management, system optimization, advanced automation and instant forecasting.

The ETAP Smart Grid Network provides perceptual applications with the use of tools for secure network planning, synchronization and execution.

This system is able to manage, control, virtualize, optimize and automate power transmission and distribution networks.

ETAP is the most conceptual business solution for the design, simulation, implementation, control, optimization and automation of industrial power generation, transmission, distribution and distribution systems.

ETAP is written under a quality assurance program and is universally used as a high level impact software. ETAP is designed with seven languages ​​that can translate reports output into eight languages.

As a complete business solution, ETAP is expanded to a real-time power management system to monitor, control, automate, simulate and optimize power system operations.

The ETAP Basic Package is a suite of core tools, added analytics modules, and engineering libraries that allow you to create, configure, customize and manage your system model. The core tools allow you to Speed ​​and simplicity Create one-phase and three-phase AC and DC one-line diagrams with an infinite number of elements and buses including minor tools and basic components. Engineering libraries provide a complete and accurate database of published data on manufactured equipment.

Features of ETAP Software:
  • Embedded analytics modules
  • Cable concepts
  • Transmission line concepts
  • Ampacity cable
  • Cable measurement
  • Cable management
  • Reduce risk and improve safety
  • Simplicity and speed in evaluating results and making decisions
  • Multilingual edits
  • Faster than similar real-time solutions
  • Power management system
  • Energy Management System
  • Production management system
  • Distribution Management System
  • Smart Load Release
  • Networking and smart networking solutions

Operating System (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Microsoft® Windows®10
  • Microsoft® Windows®8.1
  • Microsoft® Windows®7 (Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate) (SP1) Microsoft Windows Vista (Home Premium, Business, Enterprise) (SP2) Microsoft Windows XP (SP3) Professional or Home Edition Microsoft Server 2008 Microsoft Server 2008 R2 Microsoft Server 2003 (SP2) Microsoft Server 2003 R2 (SP2)
  • Other Software Requirements Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher (or at least version level as specified by the Operating System in use) Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 (SP 1) Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 (SP1)
  • PC Configuration Requirements USB port (if stand-alone licensing required) Ethernet port w / network access (if network licensing required) DVD Drive 10 to 80 GB hard disk space (based on project size, number of buses) 19 ″ monitors recommended (dual monitors highly recommended) Recommended display resolution -1280 X 1024

Recommended Hardware Requirements
  • 100 Bus Projects Intel Dual / Quad core – 2.0 GHz or better (or equivalent) 2 GB of RAM
  • 500 Bus Projects Intel Dual / Quad core – 2.0 GHz or better (or equivalent) 4 GB of RAM
  • 1,000 Bus Projects Intel Dual / Quad Core – 3.0 GHz Hyper-Threading Technology with High Speed ​​Bus (or equivalent) 8 GB of high-speed RAM 64-bit Operating System
  • 10,000 Bus Projects and Higher Intel Dual / Quad core – 3.0 GHz Hyper-Threading with high speed system bus (or equivalent) 12 GB RAM – (high-speed) 64-bit Operating System

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