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Fuji Electric Micrex-SX Programmer Expert (D300win)

Software PLC Fuji : MICREX-SX Series SPH Programming Support Tool
Newest version : NP4H-SEDBV3 Expert (D300win)
Date of upgrade : V3.6.15.12 December 2019
SIze : 485MB

– The project file used with this version cannot be opened on the previous version (before V3.5.4.14).

CPU Controller Support :
– SPH5000 : Micrex-SX PU1 512H,
– SPH2000 : Micrex-SX PM256E, Micrex-SX PM256H, Micrex-SX PM48R, Micrex-SX PM48E
– SPH300 : Micrex-SX PS245, Micrex-SX PS117, Micrex-SX PS74, Micrex-SX PS74D, Micrex-SX PS32
– SPH3000 : Micrex-SX PU1 256NE, Micrex-SX PUP 048, Micrex-SX PU2 256E, Micrex-SX PU2 048E, Micrex-SX PU256EZM, Micrex-SX PU128EZM, Micrex-SX PU096EZM, Micrex-SX PU048EZM, Micrex-SX PU256E, Micrex-SX PU128E, Micrex-SX PU048E
– The Others : Micrex-SX PH16,Micrex-SX PH08, Micrex-SX 0PU048R, Micrex-SX 0PM048R, Training, Micrex-SX NA60C, Micrex-SX NAC44C, Micrex-SX NA40C, Micrex-SX NA32C, Micrex-SX NA24C, Micrex-SX NA14C, Micrex-SX NW60C, Micrex-SX NW60, Micrex-SX NA40C, Micrex-SX NA40, Micrex-SX NW30, Micrex-SX NW20, Micrex-SX NW32-42C, Micrex-SX NW16-42C, Micrex-SX NW08-41C

Operating System : Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 and 64bit)

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