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Fuji Electric Micrex SX / Flex-PC SX-Programmer Standard

Fuji Electric Micrex SX-Programmer Standard

Software PLC Fuji Electric Micrex SX/Flex PC SX-Programmer Standard
Software Size : 579MB
1. Standard V3 Version 3.0.20
2. Flex-PC ( Standard V2) Version
3. Micrex F PLC Programmer Version

1. Standard V3 PLC Model :
– SPH300 Series : NP1PS-256, NP1PS-117, NP1PS-74, NP1PS-32
– SPH200 Series : NP1PH-16, NP1PH-08
– SPM2000 Series : NP0PM-048R
– SPE/SPB Series : NW0P60-C, NW0P60, NW0P40-C, NW0P40, NW0P30, NW0P20
– Board(SPB) Series : NW3P32-42C, NW3P16-42C, NW3P32-41C
– SPF Series : NA0P60-C, NA0P40-C, NA0P32-C, NA0P24-C, NA0P14-C
– SPH2000 Series : NP1PM-256H, NP1PM-256E, NP1PM-48R, NP1PM-256E
– SPH3000 Series : NP1PU2-256E, NP1PU2-048E, NP1PU-256EZM, NP1PU-128EZM, NP1PU-096EZM, NP1PU-048ZM, NP1PU-256E, NP1PU-128E, NP1PU-048E, NP1PU-048CE,

2. Flex-PC ( Standard V2) PLC Model
– NB0-320, NB0-1K, NBE, NB-1K, NB-4K, NB-8K, NJE-1K, NJE-4K, NJ-1K, NJ 4K, NJ-8K, NJ-32K (NS 32K), NJ-64K (NS 64K), NJH-1K, NJH-4K, NJH-8K, NJH-16K, NS-1K, NS-4K, NS-8K, NS-16K, NS-32K

– Micrex SX Series : SPB-4K(N), SPB-8K(N), SPB (SX-NW20), SPB (SX-NW30), SPB (SX-NW40), SPB (SX-NW40C), SPB (SX-NW60), SPB (SX-NW60C)

3. Micrex F PLC Programmer PLC Model :
F30, F50, F50H, F55, F60, F70, F70S, F80, F81, F80H, F100, F105, F120, F125, F120H, F120S, F140, F140S, F150S

Operating System : Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 and 64bit)

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