Automation Software Portal ( PLC HMI Scada Inverter Servo, opc )

You are in the right place if you not have enough money to buy original software at high prices, or just want to try certain products before making a purchase decision. But once you are satisfied and make enough money, we recommend you buy the original products & support the developer


ANSYS EMA3D Cable 2020 R2 x64

EMA3D Cable is the specialized software for modeling electromagnetic cables and viewing it on a dedicated platform. The program has the ability to workflow from design to validation of cables.

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Intergraph SmartPlant Electrical 2015

SmartPlant Electrical helps you increase quality, reliability and efficiency in electrical design, construction, operation, maintenance. SmartPlant Electrical enables users to create a secure and reliable power distribution from load identification to factory startup

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ELECTRA is a new generation of Shape-Based Autorouting software for PCB that delivers high completion rate autorouting on the most densely packed, multilayer PCB designs.

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SEE Electrical 7R2 B11

See Electrical is an excellent and professional product for building electrical wiring mapping and wiring, power circuits, steering and electrical panels, etc

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