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Parker Software Tools for All Drives with Communications

  1. Parker Drive Basic PDB Version 1.3 for AC10 Series Variable Speed Micro Drives
  2. Parker Drive Quicktool PDQ Version for AC30 Series Variable Speed Drives
  3. DSElite Configuration Tool Version 3.11 for AC10 / AC30 / AC650 / AC890 / DC590 Series Drives
    • DSElite Program
    • AC10 Firmware V2.322 for IP20 Version / 0.2kW – 22kW (excluding 3Ph 4kW – 15kW)
    • AC10 Firmware V2.321 for IP20 Version / 3Ph 230V 4kW – 15kW and 30kW-180kW
    • AC10 Firmware V4.322 for IP66 Version / all sizes
  4. DSI8000 Software for TS8000
    • DSI8000 Software Program
    • DSI3 Software Program Compatible With TS8006/00/00, TS8008/00/02, TS8010/00/02 and TS8015/00/00
  5. TS8000 Communication Files for setup communication options
    • Devicenet EDS
    • Profibus GSD
  6. Various AC/DC Drive Communication Files for setup communication options
    • AC30 CANopen Option – EDS File
    • AC30 DeviceNet Option – EDS File
    • AC30 ControlNet Option – EDS File
    • AC30 EtherNet IP 2-Port Option – EDS File
    • AC30 EtherNet IP Built-In – EDS File
    • AC30 Profibus DPV1 Option – GSD File
    • AC30 PROFINET IO 2-Port Option – GSD File
    • AC30 PROFINET IO Built-In – GSD File
    • AC30 EtherCAT Option – ESI Files
    • CANopen EDS
    • ControlNet EDS
    • DeviceNet
    • Profibus
    • Profibus GSD File Editor
    • Profinet
    • Lonworks XIF
    • ESI (EtherCAT Slave Interface) for 8903/CT option
  7. Firmware update for 6911 keypad module
  8. ConfigEd Lite Program Ver 6.10 (Old Software)

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