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Trace Software Elecworks

Elecworks is a CAD electrical software for the design of automation projects and electrical installations.

Elecworks is a CAD electrical software for the design of automation projects and electrical installations. Elecworks software offers innovative and unlimited features in power project design and automation. Features such as: Creating custom documents and sharing information with other parts of the company, with the goal of ensuring productivity in their engineering process. This software is based on installation of digital database or device models. This database allows you to work on different perspectives, depending on the project need to ensure the integrity of the project data, and also allows the collaborator to work on the same projects simultaneously.

Elecworks Features and Features:

  • Schematic design of electricity
  • Design according to several standards (ANSI, IEC 81346, GB, JIS)
  • Elements classified by location and function
  • Full Symbol Library and Parts Catalog
  • Cross-references between components
  • Automatic numbering of wires and parts
  • Insert potential time automatically and manually
  • Simple design using macros
  • Synchronous single line diagram with several precise schematic lines
  • PLC generation, management and dynamic insertion
  • Cable Management
  • Two-dimensional design panel, detailed documentation generation
  • User-friendly interface, Project Browser, Component Browser, Smart and customizable palette
  • Complete and accessible project management, dynamic and contextual contexts
  • Communication console between users, specifications
  • Wiring diagrams, smart copy and paste, macros for reuse in electrical maps
  • Multi-line schematic drawing, flexible component management based on location and performance
  • Manage and create automated terminal script
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic designs

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Operating System

Windows 7, 8 or 10 (64 bits)

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